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Saskatchewan Music Festival Association

Competitive Festivals

The Saskatchewan Music Festival Association (established in 1908) is committed to promoting excellence in music and speech arts by providing performance and educational opportunities through competitive music festivals in the Province of Saskatchewan. In addition to the production of 47 district music festivals, SMFA provides a provincial Syllabus, entrance to the annual Provincial Competitions, Concerto Competition and Opera Competition, as well as the National Level of Music Festival competition. Member festivals are organized by local volunteers and judged by qualified professional musicians.


Areas of competition for musicians include: voice, piano, guitar, strings, woodwind, brass, percussion, pipe and electronic organ, choir/school music including special education, multicultural, speech arts (individual verse and speech therapy classes, storytelling), small ensembles, as well as band and orchestral classes. Entrance to SMFA festivals is accessible to all ages, all ethnic groups and people of all religions across the province. Participants may enter any classes for “adjudication only” and forego marks and scholarships. SMFA hires over 170 qualified professional musicians to serve as adjudicators each year.

Provincial Finals Registration

June 2 to 4, 2017 (Saskatoon, U of S)
Deadline is midnight May 15

You will require an account (with username and password) specific to this site as the one you may have used for entering your District Festival will not work here.
NOTE:  Payment must be made using the PayPal option; you will have the option of using a credit card.  

The entry fee for all levels and classes is $50/class.
By using this form of registration, I certify, that I have read the rules, and that all conditions governing this entry have been or will be complied with. I also give my permission to take my photo for promotional purposes. Please notify us, at the email below, if you do not wish to give permission for photos.

  • required to represent the festival where they received their first recommendation.
  • not eligible to compete in both Senior and Intermediate scholarship categories in the same discipline, nor in both Grade A and Grade B Voice


  • Memory work is mandatory with the exception of: the pianist in the Lieder Class, the National Senior Chamber Group Class 8, and multi-instrument works for the National Senior Percussion Solo Class 7
  • Copyright laws must be observed. Number the first bar of each line in the scores. Number each fifth line of the Speech Arts selections.
  • Competitors will perform one selection only except for the Vocal Concert Group Classes and Speech Arts Classes. The selection must be the one recommended by the adjudicator at the District Festival. The performer may choose which selection to use if recommended from a multi-work class or a class where two selections were performed, unless the adjudicator specifies the selection. Competitors may perform one or more movements of a multi-movement work, to a maximum of 20 minutes, provided all chosen movements were performed in the same Provincial Class at the District Festival.
  • Choral Recordings and music, must be RECEIVED by midnight May 15. Two copies of each selection must be submitted for National Classes.

    The District Festival Classes/Syllabus Classes from which you were recommended feed(s) into the Provincial Scholarship Classes. Please ensure that when registering, you are using the correct Provincial Scholarship Class Number. See listing below:


Detailed program information will be posted after May 25. If you have any questions, contact us at

Shurniak Concerto Competition

February 25, 2017 –  Regina, SK

The Saskatchewan Music Festival Association’s Concerto Competition was held in conjunction with the Regina and Saskatoon Symphony Orchestras, and sponsored by William Shurniak.


1st Place – Godwin Friesen
2nd Place – Rebecca Weger
3rd Place – Sophie McBean

The first place winner receives a $2,000 scholarship and has the opportunity to appear as a guest artist with the Regina Symphony Orchestra and the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra. Second-place and third-place scholarships of $750 and $500 were also awarded.

Concerto Competition Press Release


Provincial Finals

2017 Provincial Finals
June 2 – 4 (U of S, Saskatoon)

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The Saskatchewan Music Festival Association

receives funding from the SK Lotteries Trust Fund for Sport,Culture and Recreation.