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Competitive Festivals

The Saskatchewan Music Festival Association (established in 1908) is committed to promoting excellence in music and speech arts by providing performance and educational opportunities through competitive music festivals in the Province of Saskatchewan. In addition to the production of 47 district music festivals, SMFA provides a provincial Syllabus, entrance to the annual Provincial Competitions, Concerto Competition and Opera Competition, as well as the National Level of Music Festival competition. Member festivals are organized by local volunteers and judged by qualified professional musicians.


Areas of competition for musicians include: voice, piano, guitar, strings, woodwind, brass, percussion, pipe and electronic organ, choir/school music including special education, multicultural, speech arts (individual verse and speech therapy classes, storytelling), small ensembles, as well as band and orchestral classes. Entrance to SMFA festivals is accessible to all ages, all ethnic groups and people of all religions across the province. Participants may enter any classes for “adjudication only” and forego marks and scholarships. SMFA hires over 170 qualified professional musicians to serve as adjudicators each year.

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SMFA Strategic Plan

COVID-Safe Festivals in 2021

Festivals in 2021 will look very different as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. SMFA is adapting, in order to offer the best possible experience for our participants.

SMFA Provincial Finals Competition (Virtual Format)  June 3 to 6, 2021

Entry Form – Senior (entry fee is $75 per class)
Entry Form – Intermediate (entry fee is $50 per class)
Entry Form – Junior/Elementary (entry fee is $25 per class)
Entries close May 15, 2021 at midnight.
Submit YouTube “Unlisted” Video Link for with each entry. Be sure to check “No, it’s not made for kids” when creating your video.
How to create and upload your YouTube video link

COVID-Safe protocols for submitting recordings:
Competitors submitting video recordings for Provincial Finals must follow all current safety protocols issued by Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) including indoor mandatory mask requirements.


  • wear a non-medical mask at all times during the performance if performing in an indoor public space, or in an environment (home or studio) where non-household members are present (accompanist, camera operator, teacher, etc.).


  • musicians playing a woodwind, brass or other instrument operated by breath may remove their masks only if a distance of three metres can be maintained between non-household members. Bell covers are recommended.
  • Solo vocalists/performers of speech arts may remove masks provided:
    • the performer remains behind a physical barrier that is large enough to prevent transmission of COVID-19.
    • five metres physical distance is maintained between the performer and non-household members.
    • the performer is facing away from the accompanist.

Provincial Scholarship Classes

Garth Beckett/Gustin House Senior Piano Scholarship

SMFA Provincial Virtual Awards Presentation – tentative schedule   Check for updates.
Attendance at SMFA Provincial Virtual Awards Presentation (via Zoom) is mandatory to receive an award.


SMFA 50/50 Lottery Fundraiser

Purchase your SMFA 50/50 Lottery tickets (starting March 6) here:

Tickets may only be purchased by participants physically located in Saskatchewan (please agree to terms/conditions to participate and allow location services confirm your location).
Prize: 50% of sales to maximum of $50,000! Only 20,500 tickets will be sold
Draw Date: June 6, 2021 @ 6:00 pm (random number generator)
Draw Location: 1600 MacPherson Avenue, Regina
Ticket prices: 1 for $10; or 5 for $20

Thank you for your support of music festivals in Saskatchewan!

See Rules of Play

Canada West Performing Arts Festival – Saskatoon
NEW in 2022!

The provincial performing arts associations of Western Canada (Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia) have partnered to present the Canada West Performing Arts Festival!

Media Release

Shurniak Virtual Concerto Competition
February 20, 2021

Press Release

SMFA Teacher Directory

The SMFA Teacher Directory is intended to help connect teachers with students in communities where there is a need. Teachers accepting new students are invited to submit their information to for inclusion in the directory.

SMFA Teacher Directory

Use of this resource does not constitute or imply an endorsement by SMFA.

SDA & SMFA Spoken Word e-Festival

The Saskatchewan Drama Association (SDA) and the Saskatchewan Music Festival Association (SMFA) Spoken Word e-Festival is for Saskatchewan students, ages 5 to 17 years and any level. This program seeks to allow students to prepare, perform and develop their ability to speak with purpose to an audience. Entering the Festival will give you a chance to work towards a goal, improve your public speaking skills, perform and have fun!

Meet the Winners

Provincial Office – New Address

The Provincial Office of the Saskatchewan Music Festival Association is now located at:
1600 MacPherson Avenue
Regina, SK   S4S 4C9

Mailing address remains the same at:
PO Box 37005
Regina, SK   S4S 7K3

Provincial Finals

June 3 to 6, 2021
Entries close May 15 @ midnight.


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The Saskatchewan Music Festival Association

receives funding from the SK Lotteries Trust Fund for Sport,Culture and Recreation.