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The Saskatchewan Music Festival Association (established in 1908) is committed to promoting excellence in music and speech arts by providing performance and educational opportunities through competitive music festivals in the Province of Saskatchewan. In addition to the production of 47 district music festivals, SMFA provides a provincial Syllabus, entrance to the annual Provincial Competitions, Concerto Competition and Opera Competition, as well as the National Level of Music Festival competition. Member festivals are organized by local volunteers and judged by qualified professional musicians.


Areas of competition for musicians include: voice, piano, guitar, strings, woodwind, brass, percussion, pipe and electronic organ, choir/school music including special education, multicultural, speech arts (individual verse and speech therapy classes, storytelling), small ensembles, as well as band and orchestral classes. Entrance to SMFA festivals is accessible to all ages, all ethnic groups and people of all religions across the province. Participants may enter any classes for “adjudication only” and forego marks and scholarships. SMFA hires over 170 qualified professional musicians to serve as adjudicators each year.

Adjudicator Boot Camp

Where: University of Regina, Education Department, ED 619
When:  February 11, 2017 | 1:00 – 3:30pm
Admission is free and open to all interested parties
Please RSVP by February 1, 2017 to Karen Klassen at
This workshop will explore the philosophy behind music festival adjudicating as well as plenty of practical advice about constructive adjudication, assigning marks and awarding scholarships, as well as working with local festival committees.  The material presented will be helpful to anyone considering working as a music festival adjudicator in the future and may also be of interest to those already working in the field but looking for some new ideas or a refresher course. There will be plenty of time for questions and many specific challenges of adjudicating will be addressed. The workshop will be facilitated by Cherith Alexander who has more than twenty years of experience adjudicating throughout Western Canada at festivals large and small.

Shurniak Concerto Competition

February 25, 2017 –  Regina, SK

The Saskatchewan Music Festival Association’s Concerto Competition is held in conjunction with the Regina and Saskatoon Symphony Orchestras, and sponsored by William Shurniak. Originally an annual event, the competition is now held every two years, alternating between Saskatoon and Regina. This year’s competition will be held February 25, in Regina. If the number of entries exceeds expectation, competition will begin Friday, February 24.


The first place winner receives a $2,000 scholarship and has the opportunity to appear as a guest artist with the Regina Symphony Orchestra and the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra. Second-place and third-place scholarships of $750 and $500 may also be awarded.


The competition is open to non-professional* musicians, between 14 and 30 years of age. Age restrictions are as of December 31 of the year preceding the competition. All solo instrumental categories will be considered. Previous first-place winners of the Concerto Competition are not eligible to enter.  Only those of talent and industry, who have the necessary potential for a possible career in music, should consider entering the competition.

*A non-professional musician shall be defined as a person whose principal means of livelihood is not obtained from the performance of music in the particular category in which he or she is competing. This stipulation, however, does not preclude such a person having occasionally received remuneration for musical services rendered, even in the area in which he or she is competing.

Competitors must:

  • live or study in the Province of Saskatchewan, with the inclusion of Lloydminster, AB, OR if studying outside of the province, have competed in a Saskatchewan Music Festival within the preceding five years
  • perform from memory a complete concerto from the standard concerto repertoire
  • provide their own collaborative pianist and page turner, and be responsible for their own expenses
  • provide 2 original scores of music, containing solo and accompaniment, for the judges (extra copies are encouraged for the judges’ convenience); the collaborative pianist must perform from another original score; photocopied copyright music will not be accepted; failure to comply will result in disqualification
  • number the first bar of each line in their scores
  • submit an entry form online—ent by January 31, 2017 along with the fee of $75 and a biographical paragraph and photo

Changes to the repertoire will not be permitted after the entry close date. The winners will be announced following the competition. The judge’s decision is final.

Notwithstanding any other provision in these Regulations, the Saskatchewan Music Festival Association Inc.’s Board of Directors shall be the final and binding decision-making authority on all matters pertaining to competitions administered by the SMFA.
Entry Form



The Saskatchewan Music Festival Association (SMFA) Member Funding Program is designed to provide financial assistance to Affiliated Member Festivals.


SMFA Member Funding is administered through the Provincial Office and provides support to the Association’s mission and current programming of the Saskatchewan Music Festival Association.

Examples of projects for which member funding is intended, include the following:

  • Festival Promotional Workshops
  • Speech Arts Workshops
  • Program Enhancement (website development, software/hardware purchase)
  • Professional Training (board governance, minute taking, software training, etc.)
  • Adjudicator Fees/Travel Assistance
  • Expenses for SMFA Annual Music Conference
  • Special Anniversary Celebrations

Application Process (please see below for details):

  • Complete application Form
  • Submit most recent Financial Statement/Revenue and Expense Form along with proposed project budget
  • Submit cover letter, detailing project including anticipated participation (if applicable) and perceived benefits, signed by two signing authorities.

The deadline for submission of applications is OCTOBER 15, 2017.



Provincial Finals

2017 Provincial Finals
June 2, 3, & 4 (U of S, Saskatoon)

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